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SAOVA 2010 Endorsements

Candidates identified with the legend " Animal Rightist Endorsed " are the problem. They consistently vote for legislation to strip us of our rights to hunt, fish, and own pets and livestock. Incumbents with a record of voting to protect our rights, and open-seat candidates with favorable responses to SAOVA's candidate questionnaire are SAOVA ENDORSED .

SAOVA ENDORSED candidates and incumbents understand the animal rightist, anti-hunting threat and have demonstrated their commitment to protecting our interests.

Click on state link to see SAOVA's ratings of House and Senate candidates:

Alabama Hawaii Massachusetts New Mexico South Dakota
Alaska Idaho Michigan New York Tennessee
Arizona Illinois Minnesota North Carolina Texas
Arkansas Indiana Mississippi North Dakota Utah
California Iowa Missouri Ohio Vermont
Colorado Kansas Montana Oklahoma Virginia
Connecticut Kentucky Nebraska Oregon Washington State
Delaware Louisiana Nevada Pennsylvania West Virginia
Florida Maine New Hampshire Rhode Island Wisconsin
Georgia Maryland New Jersey South Carolina Wyoming

How does SAOVA evaluate candidates? SAOVA personnel review the voting records of all House members and Senators running for reelection to determine whether they support the AR agenda. Usually the most recent year's data is sufficient for this determination, since committed AR legislators vote the same way year after year. Since 1999, many of the dozens of AR initiated House bills and other actions were considered threats to some animal owner. Senators had fewer similar voting opportunities.

Any incumbent politician running for reelection that supported the majority of the recent AR bills had his or her prior voting record, sponsorships and funding/endorsement records carefully examined. In most cases our analysis confirmed a consistent AR support pattern.


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