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Legislative Awards 2013

SAOVA is proud to honor the state legislators who were award recipients for 2013. We join our state volunteers in confirming our appreciation for the support these legislative champions have demonstrated.

All animal related sectors are faced with complex challenges today and constant demands for increased regulation. We are indeed grateful to legislators such as these who represent our interests fairly and work to protect our traditions and livelihoods.

Senator Joel Anderson (CA) - Legislator of the Year 2013

Senator Dennis Guth (IA) - Legislative Leader 2013

Representative Henry Rayhons (IA) - Legislative Leader 2013

Senator Brent Steele (IN) - Legislative Leader 2013

Representative Mark Messmer (IN) - Legislative Leader 2013

Senator Andrew Brock (NC) - Legislator of the Year 2013

Senator Delores Gresham (TN) - Legislative Leader 2013

Representative Andy Holt (TN) - Legislative Leader 2013

Delegate Kelli Sobonya (WV) - Legislator of the Year 2013

Betsy Fickel, Senator Guth, Representative Rayhons


"As West Virginians, our family loves the outdoors and are avid hunters and fishermen. I am honored to be recognized by a national organization like SAOVA that shares an appreciation for both sportsmen and animal owners. Having served twelve years in the West Virginia House of Delegates representing the Mountain State, I am a strong defender of the liberty and values that made America a great nation."
Delegate Kelly Sobonya (WV)

"It’s gratifying to be on the SAOVA team and to work alongside them to protect the rights of sportsmen and animal owners." Senator Joel Anderson (CA)

"I am proud to stand with our small animal breeders. As a farmer, I understand the importance of fighting for producers who earn their living raising animals, both companion and production."
Senator Dennis Guth (IA)

"I am honored to receive this award from the premier animal advocacy organization in the country. I look forward to working with SAOVA in the future to continue to uphold the values we share." Senator Andrew Brock (NC)

"I am humbled that SAOVA would honor me in this way. I am very grateful for their support and encouragement." Senator Dolores Gresham (TN)

"The Sportsmen’s & Animal Owners’ Voting Alliance is the voice that truly speaks for animals and their owners here in Tennessee. These folks know the issues and view each piece of legislation based on the intended and unintended consequences. They operate based on facts, not on the emotion surrounding proposed legislation." Representative Andy Holt (TN)

Susan Wolf and Senator Andrew Brock (NC)

Beth Thaxton and Delegate Kelli Sobonya (WV)

Don LeCount presenting award
to Senator Steele (IN)

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